Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013

 Kamis, Oktober 03, 2013      3 comments

                                                                                                 (Padang Beach_2013)

She ever said to me
" Uni, kalau ini tidak pernah terjadi... uni tak akan tahu bagaimana rasanya!"
Hoahh...  Tears falling down...
You know.. She is the best friend i ever met!.

She is the girl who make me be different
I don't know... But because her affection, her care, her love..
everybody feel be special...

One moment made my soul and heart be broken..
She could make me accept all of happened
When I hope others hold on me, but the fact!.. None..
But, she... came to me.. and give me spirit and motivation...
Thats what friend are for...
Thats what friend are for..

I think, we have the same habit
We love culinary, travel addict, and dreamers
We have a big imagination about future
and also...
We are trouble for others.. ^_^

I'm not liar
it's true from my heart..
trust with me.. Amelias!

when you decided to call me "Uni"
I feel be adult from you
Altough the fact!
Our ages are same

Amelia and Me at Padang Beach 
(Sebelum melompat ke air ^_^)

3 komentar:

  1. Assalamualaiku, malam uni~

    You the one who give much meaning for me Uni :)

    When I stayed at Padang with you, although just for short time but you make me feel like we are grow with different road, different challenge, different circumstance, different people around us, different step, we passing all of that together with all our handicaps.

    It's hard. We cry and smile in different place through our path.

    But from all that difference, we learn so much thing. The thing that make us grow to be strong. The thing that force us to keep stand up even we already collapse for many time. We meet with wonderful people who always stretch out their hands to help us keep move and smile. People who always give power and belief. And you are one of them. You already give so many meaning for me. Slapped my face and make me realize that I must open my eyes soon. And I did it.

    Thank you Uni :)

    Love yha. So much. From bottom of my heart.

  2. Yhaaa,,, Love you so much
    as much as you love me... ^_^
    give me one reason... why i must go to bandung next year?... ^_^

    when i collapse in many time...
    i remember that i ever feeling so happy

  3. 1 reason, that's question is belong to me. What kind of reason do you want?

    Let's go to Bandung, I will show to you another side of the life that you must look in here. I will show to you what the meaning of shy that make me thinking so much and took a decision to become single (I'm single and I'm very happy). I will show to you what the meaning of shy that make me so jealous toward muslimah in here. And I? I just a newbie in anything. I need learn about many thing.

    I have motorcycle in here, Where do you want to go next year? ;)


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