Sabtu, 29 Juni 2013

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Thanks for:
# Allah SWT... my God.. I Love You more than all in this World
# Rasulullah Muhammad SAW.. my prophet.. Allahuma solli'ala Muhammad..
# Parent.. Ibuk and Ayah.. Give me everything..!! Love, care, affection..
# Prof Armenia.. This live wasn't easy... (Keep my  faith)..
# Prof Deddi PD.. I  learned manything from you sir... humble..^_^

#Friends who help me in lab..
1. desmita arsillina.. my lovely patner..
2. oktapianus venus.. arigato ta, my rats jump into you face... I'm very sorry!!
3. uda yori yuliandra.. thanks for lab meeting
4. apriyandi... Thanks for your time... to injected my rat, teach me holding the rats..and the last to kill my rats
5. dolli martha.... thanks for funny story in lab... i like your spirit
6. dedi darmadi.. thanks for your help..
7. bang bucan.. thanks for your time to kill my rats
8. tessa primadini.. thanks for your script..^_^
9. nina chairunnisa.. thanks for your key... i miss u much... i miss your story ninnunsarrinunmarrinun..
10. Indriya.. thanks iin... keep spirit okey!..

# Uda man... For all..
# My sister Yoni esti.. Blood's thicker than water, right?

I just try, to be someone


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