Selasa, 24 Juni 2014

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what i doin' now?..
menulis puisi kemanusiaan.. write a poetry..
misca fac da tales doses... numero UNO!..
you are nomero Uno.. !!
sometime need ranitidine to stess ulcer
or sometime need paracetamol to head pain..
sometime i  laugh so loudly..
what i needed more?.. amitryptilin..?..
all of drug, complete in my poetry

are u wanna change the world?..
are u wanna?..
you will need alprazolem, or diazepam, or chlordiazepoxide, or another.. ^_^
superman is impossible..
superhero too... ^_^

i wanna continue my poetry
but, i remember someone..
a spoken word..
a writer...
Hosh... u r smart bro!!...

*back to script
(mungkin karena akhir nama saya putri, saya jadi sangat suka poetry... ^_^)


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